Wednesday, August 25, 2010

OB appointment

Yesterday went very well as far as baby goes. The baby beans heart rate was 155, and everything was measuring good. My doctor even said that I'm carrying very well and I could get away with not looking pregnant for awhile. HAHA, maybe she missed the round shape protruding off my stomach? My weight gain? I've gained 7.2lbs! Now, I really don't think this is true. I didn't get to see the number on the scale when I stepped on since the assistant had it turned away from me, but that is just insane to me! I've been working out, haven't been eating as badly or as much as I could. I can't imagine if I hadn't been working out how much I'd gain! Good thing I'm keeping up the workouts till the doctor tells me I need to stop. I want to keep the jiggle to a minimum on those thighs, thank you very much!

I also learned I have to get my pediatrician picked out and get enrolled with him (I already know who I'm gonna go with :) ) as well as call and register for my birthing classes. I'm so glad my OB mentioned that it was MY responsibility because I thought I just sent in my money and wait for them to call me. January would have gotten here and I would have never learned how to breathe right, haha

The only 'boo hoo' of the appointment was I think my OB was in a bad mood yesterday. Even Nick mentioned how she didn't seem all friendly like she was the 1st time we met with her. I'm gonna give the lady a get outta jail free card, and say maybe she was having a bad day or something. As long as she's good with me in the delivery room, I'm good to go. The next appointment we have is next week (at a totally different office) to do the anatomy scan and gender reveal!!!!! Next Wednesday, I am going to be freaking the heck out. Its 7 days away ladies and gents! This mama is still thinking blue, but who knows, it could totally be a little girl, and in that case, I'll have tons of hand me downs for that princess to wear!



A Real Housewife said...

i hear you with the weight gain. one morning you wake up and bam, you've suddenly gained 15 pounds. just's all for the good of that baby, though!! =)

Tricia said...

happy to hear everything is going well

Anonymous said...

Glad things are going well! 7 DAYS!!! :)