Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Baby flutters

SUCH exciting news people! Last night I...FELT THE LITTLE BEAN MOVE!!!! Holy moly did it! I read on a site that I can start to feel the little flutters anywhere from 14 weeks and on. Well I also read that if you put a flashlight to your belly, it's a sure way to get the little guy or girl moving. I tested this theory out and it worked! Almost instantly. Baby bean did NOT like the light in his/her face one but. It felt like a fish moving it's tail in my my belly and I loved it. It's kind of a wake up call like "Oh...so there IS someone living inside my belly, I get it". Way cool and I recommend for when you do or if you are pregnant, try the flashlight. Oh and another thing- we all know that I'm a professed reality show addict, and I watch Bethany getting Married on Bravo. Well on most current episode she informed me that beer actually helps the production of breast milk - GET.OUT.OF.TOWN!!! Of course I won't be putting on my German bar maid costume and going to town, but I will not feel guilty about a beer when I breastfeed. I went and googled this new found knowledge, and it is actually a fact - BOO YA!! Karli is sold on this whole pregnancy thing. Morning sickness sucks, but as long as I get a beer afterwards, I'll be a happy mama



erin said...

That's awesome! I am SO going to try the flashlight trick when I am farther along! :)

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