Friday, July 1, 2011

Celeb Mumbo Jumbo

So it's Friday. Its time to talk about our favorite topic, some celebs!

It's official - Maria Shriver has filed for divorce. SHOCKER! I mean is this REALLY shocking to anyone? It's all over the headlines that she just filed the divorce papers and people are acting shocked by it. Didn't we see this coming? It's not like they were still together.
Oh and total side note, does Auh-nolds love child not look like a mini version of him back in the day? Seriously sorta creepy.
Can you imagine your housekeeper brings her kid to work with her and every time he runs by you, you think "God, that looks an awful like my husband...hmmm....."

Shia Labeouf has come out as saying he hooked up with his co-star Megan "I have toes for thumbs" Fox. His explanation is when your working that close with someone for 6 months, things happen. His new costar Rosie Huntington-Whiteley obviously didn't have that problem. She has THIS hunk of man meat to keep her warm at night #1.
And also, have you girls seen Shia? Sorry for those with Shia Fever, but I remember him from my Disney channel fav "Even Stevens" and I still think he is just as obnoxious as he was back then.

And now...

Oh and watch this video of Miss. Huntington-Whiteley with my girl Chelsea Handler, she's actually pretty funny. Sorry Shia, you just aren't her type. So quit trying to act your irresistible. Not every girl looks at you like Selena Gomez does.

Okay lovelies, now I will probably lose a follower or two, but here me out: Pippa Middleton. Okay, the girl is CUTE. CUTE/pretty at best. Is she DROP DEAD GORGEOUS in my opinion? No. She is this tiny little petite thing. Which I classify as "Cute". This is all my opinion of course, but seriously, I am so over headlines talking about how "stunning" Pippa is. I just don't get it. She is a pretty girl, but when she wears jeans and a cute blouse, headlines go crazy about how amazing she always looks. Sure she always looks put together (who wouldn't if your sister just married the future King and your a paparazzi target?)


Anonymous said...

I don't get the Pippa hype, either. :\ You're not alone.

Laura Darling said...

DITTO on the whole Pippa topic.

Also, I just went to a few minutes ago and there was a scrolling bar at the top with BREAKING NEWS. It was that Maria filed for divorce! I couldn't believe that was the BREAKING NEWS! Who didn't see that coming?!

Anonymous said...

I think Pippa is cute, but not drop dead gorgeous. I like the Middleton girls because they're normal like the rest of us. (minus the whole royalty thing)

Shia is such a shit talker. I don't take him too seriously. Jason Stathman? SO HOT!