Monday, July 11, 2011

Just Do It

Workout Today: Level 3 Shred and Level 1 Biggest Loser Bootcamp

This workout was tough. Maybe it was because I dreaded working out this morning. No reason in particular, but I didn't want to workout. Wanna know why? This workout combo is hard *that's what she said* I was trying to tell myself that I didn't have to workout, I'd do it tomorrow. Which is probably true, but that's still 1 day of workouts that I skipped. So I did what Nike told me to do, and Just did it! Sometimes thats what you have to do people. Sometimes you just gotta bite the bullet, not think about it, and sweat.

Weekend was pretty darn good. I checked out a church near our new house and actually really liked it. The pastor was pretty cool and was easy to relate to his message. The set up was different - there were round tables all set up an about 6 chairs to every table. I was trying to find the psychological reasoning behind this and this is what I came up with - I think people (men in particular) feel very vulnerable going to church. Which is probably why more women go then men. Men have a problem submitting (if they learned to submit more, they'd make women's lives a lot easier. Just sayin). So with a table in front of you, to lean against, hide your body a little bit, you feel a little less "out there". So people who have issues being vulnerable or just feel awkward at church, would have an easier time. Smart thinkin! Oh and you get all you can eat donut holes. SOLD! Oh and T man did really good in his first day of baby Sunday school/nursery

The boy was excited for learning about Jesus!

Then it was laying out by the pool for a couple of hours (this is going to be happening a lot for a bit - I am feeling pretty pasty) & back home. Nickmeister had his schedule change not too long ago and he works Sundays, boo! No me gusta. I am needy and want my hubbs/money maker with me as much as possible.


Meredith said...

what a cutie pie!! Glad ya had a wonderful weekend, maybe next weekend will be better for me!!

Raven said...

I hate you. hate you. but that picture of your son is to die for, so I cant hate you anymore.

get fat and then I wont hate you anymore.