Saturday, July 16, 2011

Thank the Lord

Seriously girls, Thank GAAAWD! The inspection on the workshop/garage was done yesterday and guess what? It PASSED!! Nick and I didn't ask any questions. The realtor said it passed, so that's good enough for us. So now the document that reads "passed" (BOO YA!), is heading to the lenders office on Monday, and from there, it should be a 24 hour turn around. So in English that means, this week we should get our closing/signing last escrow documents this week! Which meeeeeeeeans, next weekend we will be starting the move in process and 1st my mama and I are gonna be peeling 2 walls of wall paper and painting my room, Troy's room, and 1 wall in the living room. Pretty excited my peeps.

My DVR has started to record 2 new shows - Texas Women and Sweet Home Alabama? Any of you girls watching these? It's on CMT and I am watching Texas Women as I type, so I can't give a full review at the moment. Also, I'm still getting my coffee drip, so I'm not the best judge of anything right now. So Sweet Home Alabama? I really liked it. The girl is actually really cute. I

t's like the Bachelorette, but country. I would say if you like Real Housewives or The Bachelorette, watch it. It's pretty entertaining. They have the boys separated into "country boys" and "city boys". Of course I'm rooting for my country boys!


Anonymous said...

Girl your dvr and mine are twins! I swear we watch the same shows! I too got sucked into these to shows! :) Love ya!

Anonymous said...

One of the girls on Sweet Home Alabama is from here. They're making a big deal about it locally. I could care less. Ha!