Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hello Gorgeous Spring Weather

Seriously beautiful readers, this weather here in Nor Cal has been reedick. Seriously, isn't it July? So up until about July 2nd, we were having off and on rain. Not kidding - July 2nd! And to you in the south are so used to the rain in Summer, but here in California, you really don't get rain in the Summer. So we had the rain. Then it heated up to like 100-105 degree range, then that stopped and we got 80 degree weather (hate me all you want. I'd hate me too with 80 degree Summer weather). So the past couple of days? We get CRAZY fog in the mornings. Like San Francisco sort of fog. And it's chilly outside with a bit of a breeze. You could swear it was going to rain, but then at 10-11ish, the sun comes out and you would never guess there was even a cloud in the sky and the weather turns out to be a nice pleasing 78 degrees. Seriously ladies (and maybe the guys reading), its been weird, but nice.

So yeah, we are going to be having pretty sweet weather.

If I was taking advantage of it, I'd be going for a run. But am I going to? Probably not. I am actually doing very well with my Shred/Boot camp combo 5 days a week. This week, it's sucking. Majorly sucking. I'm doing it, but I DREEEEEEEEAD doing it. I try to think if I should even do it on the days I loathe even the idea of it, since I don't want to burn myself out & then start to resent working out (wait? Don't I already resent the fact I have to do it?)
But I'm doing it

And let me give you girls a truth dose of honesty here, since we're on the topic of weather - I'm a Fall girl. Seriously, LOVE the Fall. I love the smell of burn piles and fire places. I love the hot cozy beverages, I love scarves, chunky sweaters, and boots. LOVE LOVE LOVE it all! Oh and pumpkin carving, duh!

So update on the house stuff - Its a total PITA. For those of you who don't know a little term Nick and I use, PITA stands for Pain In The Ass. Seriously girls, I HATE house buying now. Long story short, without totally boring you guys - our realtor *Who is also the sellers realtor*, didn't include a certain workshop/garage that's on the property, in the appraisal. So. What has to happen now? What has to happen a couple WEEKS before we are supposed to be out of our apartment (the 31st, EEEEEK!). We have to get it inspected. If they find things that need to be repaired, they need to be repaired. Its a 40 year old building, so it will need repairs I'm sure. Which the sellers will have to pay for which they won't be happy about. Ugh! And then it has to be REAPPRAISED. Lovely, right? All I can say is this is a major stressor and PITA. So who will take us in if we don't have our place by the 31st? :)


Jenni said...

I'm definitely excited to see that it won't be 100 degrees while we move this weekend! And Omg that sounds super frustrating about the house, I'm so sorry, girl!

erin said...

Um, I totally hate you. It's like 1 million degrees with 1 million % humidity in TN. Barf.

dandcdavis said...

Wtf. It seems like something always goes wrong when buying a house! Is the realtor apologetic at all?