Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Taking a Breather

So I swear Im alive and kicking. Things have been cray cray for days with packing. On Saturday night I got to take a little break from the madness and do an old fashioned slumber party with some of my girlfriends from elementary school. Pretty bad ass, no? There was plenty of booze and junk food and carbs. Need I say more? Twas fabulous! As much as I love my little T Monster, it was so nice to be able to sleep away and actually sleep through the night. Could be worse, but being woken up in the middle of the night, is not going to be missed when he is continually sleeping through the night. Maybe I need to take a page out of the gorgeous Raven's book?

Today Nick and I finally signed our closing paperwork. Our lender says we should get the keys Thursday afternoon and then it's done. The fun has just begun for moi. This whole week, my mamacita and I will be cleaning the house and painting. Jealous, right? The sellers told us we could start bringing stuff over and putting them in the basement and painting before we officially get the keys, so that's what we're gonna do. Paint and rollers have been bought, we're ready to get this show on the road. Promise to take before and after pics :) Oh and T Money has his 6 month doc appointment tomorrow. Which means...shots!! Ugh, last round till he's 1 though. I'll take it!


Me said...

Congrats on the house and the full night's sleep :) My one piece of advice when it comes to painting pretty much a whole house is to not mess with the painters tape! It takes just as long to precisely put it on the edges and do it correctly so you get no peeling than if you just take your time and paint the edges with a good brush (an angles brush with a short handle is our go to). We did one room with the painters tape and got so annoyed at the time, effort, and money that goes into that stuff that we just decided to paint it free hand and it was even better than with the tape. The ceiling can get tricky because your reaching up and your arms get tired, but have patience and save the money on that expensive tape - I promise you are better at painting the edges than you think :) Have fun!

Raven said...

haha did you do it? did you tinfoil???