Friday, July 8, 2011

What I've Been Up To

Other than kicking butt at my workouts? Seriously girls, I am so proud of myself. Everyday this week I have worked out. I've worn my heart rate monitor every time and I've burned at least 409 calories every day this week. Food wise, I've been pretty good. Smaller portions, lotsa protein shakes, you know that sorta thing.

I am most definitely seeing a difference so I hope I can keep this up. My current plan is 5 days a week. Since I don't have access to the gym until we move and I sign up for a new one, my plan is still Level 3 of 30 Day Shred combined with either Level 1, 2 or 3 of Biggest Loser Boot camp. I've received a few of your emails saying your Shredding too

This makes me VERY excited, since I know it's such an effective program. Also, it's Summertime, and who doesn't want a bangin body, right? Right!
I've also been doing a little bit of this...

Gotten a nice little pedicure (*Please ignore the ugly feet, who has pretty feet anyways?*)

And I got one of these babies...a gel manicure.

I've heard so many girls say how awesome they are and how nice it is cause the paint NEVER chips. I love having paint on my nails, but with washing my and all the time and just doing everyday things, mine ALWAYS ALWAYS chip by the 2nd day. So I'm always changing it or just don't wear any. I am happy to report, it is day 2 in the above photo and I have absolutely NO chipping. This fancy shmancy gel nail polish wasn't cheap (which unfortunately I didn't find out till after I already had it done, BOO!). At my salon it was $25! Just for a basic manicure, but with this gel nail polish. I will definitely be looking into a cheaper alternative because no way can I afford this sort of pampering. Next time I am at Ulta, I will be stopping by the nail bar to look for some gel nail polish on the cheaper level.


Lizzy said...

I had the gel nail polish, and let me tell you, it was hard to get off. I took it off at home and probably should have gotten it off at a salon. There is a salon by the Costco gas in Arden that was $32 for the polish and manicure, $18 for the polish and $15 for the manicure. It lasted me about a week before it started getting funky.

Jenni said...

I've been so bad workout-wise...probably since getting back from Mexico...due to being busy and just not able to get in the groove...what are 30 day shred and Biggest Loser like, work-out wise? Cardio-ish? Weights-ish? Hard moves? I am thinking I may wanna purchase some DVD's but not sure what to choose.