Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hello to grammy!

So my grandma is an avid reader here at California Dreamin so I felt compelled as the good grand-daughter that I am to update the blog :D So I'm sure you are all wondering how the interviews went!?!?! Wellll.....so so on both. The first one, without giving too much detail, was horrible! It was the one at the gym and the guy was so depressed sounding I just couldn't take the position. He did want to offer me the job, BUT I just couldn't work there. Not to sound too much like Elle Woods from Legally blonde, but exercise releases endorphins and endorphins make you happy so why is this dude so sad looking and sounding? I just didn't get it. Everyone there was like that. I had gone to this facility as a preteen/teen and don't remember people being like that at all, but I could tell it had gone under some serious changes in the past 10 years(which was when I was a member). Not really somewhere I felt like I could contribute to or where I thought would make ME happy(MAJORLY IMPORTANT!!) The 2nd interview in my mind went alright. Not to give too much information away, it was through my hiring agency and it was not even something I had experience or interest in doing, but really at this point, its okay. I'll take a decent job over no job :D . Everything went pretty good, everyone was super casual at the office and the guy who interviewed me I thought really liked me, but I guess I was wrong. Really people, I believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. Your sick and can't go to work...you weren't meant to go to work. Your little girl spills her juicy juice all over your white blouse before your heading to work and your late...you were MEANT to be late. I believe that God is always watching and has a plan for everyone, so it gives me relief and peace that those jobs just weren't meant to be for me.
N had his interview today and thank you ALL for your prayers and thoughts. N says it went really well and they are choosing 20 people!! Those odds are pretty good since they have about 40 people they interviewed (talk abouot a crazy job market!!). So we should find out sometime tomorrow, so I will let you all know ASAP. Please keep us in your prayers. When he gets the job (I like to think positivily, hehe), then I will let you all know. Tomorrow will be a day where we go to "Its a Grind" for our free internet and skinny mochas and comfy couches :D Tomorrow I'm also super excited cause we're meeting Bestie Bon Bon and her hubby and adorable baby girl for a BBQ tomorrow night. Most def a time to catch up and talk, drink a beer or two :) and catch up while the boys meet and talk. I am SO excited!!! I need a night like this. It will be even more brilliant if N gets the job offer tomorrow :D Cause for celebration of course.
Today my mom was supposed to have her dr.'s appointment to get her medicine for her MS, but the Dr. "forgot" to order the medicine, so that sucks and she has to go back downtown Thursday, but it was a pretty good day. I got LA BOU'S!!!! and we went to Target to shop some of their sales for Back to School for my niece (we will call her bunny boo for the sake of privacy :D ). Then we came home, I shredded it up with Ms. Jill Michaels, and ran for 10 minutes. I have to be honest and I'm slacking with workouts lately cause we've had to wake up somewhat early lately and I just can't seem to get my butt outta bed. I will and I HAVE to though! Or else with all this "mom made meals" and such, this PT will NEED a PT!
So tomorrow I will and I promise I will post the across country pics while we are at Its a grind. I need a fast internet connection to upload the 50 some odd pics.