Thursday, August 6, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

Well hello blogger land! I am so sorry I have been MIA. N and I FINALLY made to California on Monday night. I of course had to stop by to pick up some Carl's Jr's fried zucchini before heading to the house(hey, I know their fried, but I was starving and haven't had those little bad boys in over a year!). The hardest part of the drive by far was the stretch from Colorado to California. Nevada and Utah are brutal! Nothing but flat! No trees or anything! Thank God for my wonderful hubby N. He drove the entire way. The whole 2800 miles people!! I would never have been able to do that in my life!! I get so tired and I'm a wimp so I like my naps when I'm tired. I have so many pictures but the internet connection sucks here, so I promise to post asap!

Things have been going pretty good. I have already laid out by the pool with the fam with a cocktail in hand and soaked up the California sun. There is nothing like it. If you haven't experienced it, I highly recommend it. Another thing I recommend is going to Lake Tahoe at least one time in your life! It is such an amazing thing to see coming out of Nevada. I have gone there plenty of times and it never gets old to me. So I went on my first job interview and hopefully it pans out. The lady who interviewed me seemed to like me so keep your fingers crossed! Todays market EVERYWHERE is a tough one! Then on Monday I have my first ever personal training interview at a super nice gym next to my house. I am going today on the way back from N's interviews, to pick up an application and to just introduce myself to who I will be interviewing with. Thought it would be a nice touch :) I have many more updates, but its already 9:30 and I gotta get on that treadmill and work it before I start my day. I PROMISE to blog later today. O and another thing I'm doing today......SEEING MY BESTIE SINCE I WE WERE 4 YEARS OLD!!! I cannot wait! I love her and haven't seen her in a year and she is pregnant and I can't wait to see her and that beautiful belly!!!

Its good to be home :)