Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Houses and Thai food!

So N and I drove down to a part of Sacramento that he is going to be working in and I LOOOVE it! I have heard mixed things about this area and I wanted to see for myself. So to my surprise, it was really nice!! It reminded me of another area of Sacramento that is newer with the Mediterranean style homes and green trees and palm trees everywhere. There are tons of new shopping centers and I mean TONS with all the major store's and restaurants and fast food places. It had a super Target and that is all a girl needs :D. It makes me happy cause it has the beautiful houses I want in our price range. It is about 50-1 hour away from where my parents live, so that's really not too bad in my opinion. The drive seems to fly by, so its not too shabby in my opinion. PS...I'm not sharing where we are thinking of buying since the whole privacy thing :D

Tonight we're going to a Thai restaurant while my sister goes to back to school night. I'll let you all know where and how it was!