Saturday, August 8, 2009

I know I know...

Are you mad at me? I did NOT post the pictures I promised I would of our drive across country, but I promise sometime soon I will. Our Internet is just super slow at the moment and I think it would take hours, but I will try after I post this. So today so far I have shredded it up with Jillian Michaels and then showered and went to Its a Grind for a little skinny mocha on the rocks with the laptop. I LOVE the fact that they have free WiFi, but my mom said that a lot of coffee shops are getting mad at people just coming and using them for their Internet. They won't even buy a friggin beverage or pastry! C'mon people! Don't be tacky! Pony up the $3.25 and enjoy a nice cold drink and plop down on one of their comfy couches and Internet it up!
So good news.......I HAVE 2 INTERVIEWS ON MONDAY!! Pretty sick, right?! I have that one on Monday that I told you about and that one is at the gym and the other one is one I got through the hiring agency that I went and interviewed with on the 5th. Both would be great and I would love love love a job to start bringing some money in AND start my life up again here in beautiful sunny California! Oh and speaking of sunny, its 95 degrees today :) Wanna know the best part? It FEELS like 95, not this humidity stuff where its 95, but really feels like 105! Then tomorrow is supposed to be 100 and then Monday, Tuesday are supposed to be 103! Perfect condition for pool. So Monday after my interviews, that is EXACTLY where I will be :) Oh and Tuesday will be a monumental day.....LUNCH AT LABOU'S!! I believe its only California residents that get to enjoy the goodness that is LaBou, so I apologize to all of you other people.
N has his interview on Tuesday, so I'm really excited for him. Please keep him in your prayers, because we have a feeling its going to be a group interview so I pray he stands out to the managers and they want him. It would just do so much for him and us and it would really get his foot in the door with computers and being able to use his degree.
Well I'll try and post some pics, but if not today, I promise within the week! Have a great weekend everyone!!
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