Saturday, August 15, 2009

Good Friday and Karli's tip of the day :D

Yaaaawn. I am writing right before I'm going to bed rather than when I wake up. Yeah I know, I like to live on the edge...switch things up a bit. So today I went to this awesome Afghan restaurant called Bamiyan for lunch with my mom and some of her girlfriends who she goes to Mexico with every year for a nurses retreat thing. It was awesome. I had a dish called Morg Chalow that I would highly recommend trying. Afghan food is very nutritious and healthy (if made the traditional way) and a great way to taste food that utilize spices. Uh Oh, I feel it. Karli's healthy tip of the day. Okay, sooooo, if you want to keep flavor in your foods, but don't want the calories, I amongst other health guru's will recommend that you take full advantage of spices. They are a great way to cut out marinades, sauces and all that other junk that is full of hidden fats and calories and all the BAD fats you don't want (Hello Trans fats!). Play around with different spices. Cumin has a smoky flavor, garlic powder and garlic salt are great if you just need some hint of garlic in your meal(as well as garlic powder one of my fav's!) and one of my other favorites for some spice is red pepper flakes. A little bit goes a long way so be careful. It was a gorgeous day in El Dorado Hills and I am so taking advantage of this gorgeous California summer that I've missed for 2 year! We sat outside under a tent and get this, the shade...was actually nice and cool and breezy. Just how shade should be. Well back in good ol' North Cackalacky, the shade is still hot and muggy. How do you like them apples? This girl did not like it one bit! No thank YOU! The sun was shining and there was that breeze every so often and everything is just so "Californianized" if you will. Palm trees, blue skies and green trees, Tuscan style houses/buildings, the stuff I LOVE!!

I feel really bad for my NC Bestie Christine. My old boss/her current boss has his priorities so outta wack it's ridiculous. I never thought that going to the "South" would be that stereotypical thing, but in some ways it was. Like so many of the men who came in and out of that office looked at me like I was a piece of meat as stupid as it sounds. They shall remain nameless of course, but some of you know who they are. Christine used to be in Real Estate (she still has her license, but it’s on a hold sorta thing so she can work as part of the office staff), and I totally think she should get back into it and be with her boys(sons) and hubby. The stress and stuff you have to put up with in that office is unreal from a certain person and it just isn't worth it when your opinion isn't looked at with any thought or care. As most of you know, WHERE and WHO you work with make a huge difference to me. You are going to be around those people more than your family for the most part and you have to enjoy the atmosphere or zooooooooooooom, there goes your life. So live it right!

Well all you beautiful ladies (and gents) out there, I'm off to bed with my Marine. I am beat and tomorrow mom, dad, Nick, Me, Bunny Boo, and sister are going to breakfast and to see were Bunny Boo's classroom is gonna be. She starts 5th grade on Monday at my old elementary school!! Crazy huh?! I went there the other day and I happened to run into my old kindergarten teacher and get this, she remembered me!! Right down to my signature outfit (Hot pink cowboy boots and my purple fringed jacket...hey it was the 90's and I was 4!!)

Sweet Dreams!!!