Friday, August 21, 2009

So. My interview yesterday...

It went really good!! I met with my hiring agent and she was wonderful! She was so upbeat and positive about everything so I got a great vibe. This job market right now is crazy and unpredictable people, so I am willing to bend a bit on what I want in a job. Like her and I were talking yesterday about if I would be willing to take a bit of a pay cut, if the job were super close to where I live and if I would be willing to drive a bit further if I was compensated more for it. Its something I gotta do. She said she is going to be in contact with me a lot to let me know what jobs come by her and she said there are a few companies that she knows of that are getting ready to hire a receptionist!!! I am so excited to start working too cause #1, I get health insurance(more on that later) and #2, N and I are going to start looking for our very first house!!! I am so excited about this due to obvious reasons. If we could close on a house by the end of the year it would be even more brilliant since we get that tax credit of up to $8K! VERY NICE!! We already have our areas where we are thinking and we already know what real estate agent we are gonna go through. She was the one who sold my sisters house and they loved her. We've also already been in contact wither her :D Do you think we're excited?

So to refer back to the #2 reason why I am excited to have a job like N, is because of health insurance. I had my prescriptions transferred to the CVS here and I went to go pick them up and I had a nasty taste of reality served to me. One of my prescriptions WITHOUT insurance was $237!!!! This is medicine for my asthma mind you and it still wasn't worth the money to me. I almost choked when that little cashier pulled me aside and was like "Are you sure you wanna get it?" No thank YOU! I'll figure something else out. I think what we are going to do is wait till N gets his health benefits 90 days after he starts his job. So hopefully I will have a job by then too that offers benefits, but if I don't I'm not gonna get benefits till October with his company.

Have a great weekend blog readers!! I have no plans other than a birthday party for Bestie Bon Bon's little baby who is turning 1 on Sunday. Then on Monday my sister and I are planning on planting our butts bright and early at the DMV so we can take our driver's license tests and get our registration for California!! Wash that North Carolina stuff right off!!