Monday, August 24, 2009

Productive Day!!

Happy Monday beautifuls!! I had a wonderfully productive day today with N. We spent the day at the wonderful DMV! LOL! I of course mean wonderful dmv in a sarcastic way :D So N and I got there before my sister and it was already getting super crowded. It was Monday AND its the DMV, it was bound to be packed! So we wait in line and show the super giddy, happy go lucky woman at the counter (another sarcastic moment I just had), get our cars inspected by the Mr. Inspector, go back, stand in line, see the same super giddy woman and get a number and wait to get our registration on our cars and my new California drivers license. I love to people watch, so to be honest, it really didn't bug me too much to sit there. A pleasant surprise walked in the door too.....MY FAITHFUL READER, MY GRAMMA!! She stayed around for about 10 minutes and kept N and I company. I will tell you, I was SO nervous for those 2 hours prior to our number being called. My stomach was in knots! I knew I had studied, but still. I get crazy nervous right before anything that matters. Like Dr. and dentist appointments. I am silly I know, but anything like that makes my stomach twist. N was trying to calm me down the whole time(thank you baby xoxo), so towards the end I was doing my yoga breathing and it works! Believe it people, yoga breathing is something you should practice and put to use when you feel the urge to flee to the nearest bathroom and risk losing your place in a government run building. So, anywhooo, after all of that, I PASSED!! Just like N and I knew I would! I missed 1 on my test and you can only miss 3. N and I were starvin marvin after the long successful day, with our registration done and my offical California license(we got there at 9:15AM and left at 1pm), N was wanting to try those new jalepeno nachos over at Taco Bell, so I got 2 fresco crunchy tacos and he got his nachos. A great way to celebrate the productive day!

After we got home and devoured our Taco Bell, N crashed on the couch with his book and I grabbed the laptop and cozied myself on it to apply for some jobs. My mom read to me that California is #43 out of the 50 states where its hard to find a job. YIKES!! I thank the good lord above every night that N got his job. Such a blessing in so many ways. I can feel something good is coming this week though. I can just feel it! Oh speaking of this week: I have a goal. To run 3 miles EVERYDAY and pick a DVD to do (Either shredding it up with Ms. Jill Michaels or Bootcamp with Bobby Harper) 3 times. I have 5 days, so I confident in my capability to do this. N starts his job on Friday (more like orientation, work offically starts on Monday), so that will be a day that I run and do a DVD. Maybe I'll meet Bestie Bon Bon and little Miss Aly for lunch on Friday? Hmmm..... La Bou *drool*.

I hope you all had a fabulous Monday and have an amazing work week! Trust me, I am a bit jealous on all you guys that have a job...with health insurance :D