Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Assessment tests round 2!

So remember how I had that one interview with that other hiring agency? Well I had to do like 3 or 4 assessment tests that they had emailed me and I had to come on down to Its a Grind to get good internet connection to do them. Guess where I am now? Its a Grind getting ready to do more assessment tests. This time it is for a different hiring agency, and thats who I am interviewing with on Thursday. That way I can just go in and speak to the lady and already have them done for her to go over them with me. Makes the whole process easier. I am really excited to go interview with this lady cause the way I look at it with the hiring agencies is the more people out there looking for you(and that have the connections), the better. Right? Right. So here I am sipping my regular non-fat iced mocha in an oversized ridiculously comfortable cushioned chair. I would love to have this chair in my living room(when I get my own living room, ha ha!).
Today our other car is FINALLY coming! I am so excited since all my clothes, but 2 dresses are in there. I have been wearing the same clothes over and over (Washing them of course). I swear the places I visit frequently are probably thinking that I live in the same clothes, but I can somehow miraculously afford $3 iced mochas almost daily.