Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Today is HUGE

OOOOK, so today I am officially 11.5 weeks! I have my 1st OB appointment today which includes hearing the little beans heart beat and getting to see my little blessing. I have thought about this day for about a straight month now.

I youtube'd a bunch of 11.5-12 week old ultrasound and this is what I got:

AH! So excited! I leave work at 1:15, and I have no idea how I'm going to sit still till then :) Nick doesn't think he'll be able to see anything or make out a head or body or anything like that, but I think he will. How about you other mama's and moms to be: were you and your hubbie/bf able to tell the difference at 11.5 weeks of a head and body? I know I'll be able to tell because even in the videos it's obvious to me.



Marian said...

Awww, how exciting!! Good luck

Jessica said...

Good luck at your appointment! You should definitely be able to tell. I had an ultrasound exactly at 12 weeks with my second and I could clearly tell the head and other body parts.

Fried Pink Tomato said...

seeing the ultrasound for the first time is amazing!! Have fun!

californiadreamin said...

Thanks ladies!! You have all gotten me so excited!! I feel like I could scream!!!

Katie said...

awww so excited for you!! I have a strange feeling your having a girl!