Monday, August 17, 2009

Interview and picy pic's

Happy Monday everyone!! I hope your weekend was fabulous!! My little Bunny Boo was dropped off at 5th grade today and we got to walk her to her class and all!! It was bringing back hella good memories being back at my old elemtary school :D Oh they were the best years of my life! 5th grade was by far my favorite!! I had the best time with Bestie since we were 4 years old and the field trips were awesome! So after we dropped her off, my sister and I went to pick up our driving manuals to take our California test to get our licenses back! Oh I can't wait cause I think the CA licenses are prettier than the NC one's. So I have to study up and hopefully I can take the test and get my car registered either this week or by next Monday....we shall see. So when I got back, I had a message on the answering machine and guess who it was from?! Another hiring agency and they wanna meet with me on Thursday to interview for a couple receptionist jobs they have avilable!!! The lady who I spoke to sounded promising :D So I am excited about that.

Oh and N and I have a date night on Thursday!!! I am so excited!! I am taking him to that Afghan restrauant I told you guys about that I went to last week. It's also a hooka bar, so we are gonna do a hooka while we are there. I am happy cause N and I need a date night just the 2 of us. Maybe have a glass of wine or 2 as well :D

So here are the pics of us driving across country like I promised :) I am at the coffee house so I have mucho internet connection to post them all

PS: You guys would be so proud. I am doing great with my workouts!!! I plan on working out this afternoon on the tready (treadmill) and then visiting Ms. Jill!