Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back on track

So after my horrible scare this past weekend, I am feeling 90% back to normal. My back still hurts a bit, but with the help of the ice packs, I'm making a total recovery. Nausea is still there, but I'm pregnant so it should be expected LOL.

Let's talk workouts shall we? I know I'm pregnant. I know I have to cut myself some slack with everything that has occurred, but it's driving me NUTS that I haven't been working out, let alone going on walks!! My arms are losing definition, my legs are losing definition, AHHHH!!!! I told Nick I want to at least go on a walk 4 times a night after work if I'm not feeling up for the gym and he's totally agreed to that, but my health has pullen a Jesse James and thrown me for a loop - hold the Nazi skanky girls. Does or did any of you mom's feel like that or ever have a similar situation. I've been using my dumbbells when I just sit down to do some simple arm workouts. But I am READY to get back to the gym and just get in workouts, even if that means simple workouts.

As far as eating, I'd rate it a 7 outta 10. I've really been chowing down on the fruits now that I can stomach them, but I need to up my veggies. Salads have been sounding good to me lately, woo hoo!! But not my normal spinach leaf salads. I want regular iceberg lettuce, mushrooms and some carrots. So I think tonight Mr. Nick and I are gonna head to the grocery store and get some supplies since the food supply in the joint is running low. Gotta feed the baby good stuff, right?



A Real Housewife said...

i'll be in week 18 starting tomorrow. i worked out, not hardcore but on a regular basis, before being pregnant. since being pregnant? i've become a total couch potato. i finally started getting some energy back a few weeks ago, but during the first trimester i was a complete couch potato. you'll get through this stage--promise!

new follower, by the way. i'm excited to follow someone else going through pregnancy!

californiadreamin said...

Oh that makes me feel so much better! I was the same way - worked out 5 sometimes 6 days a week hardcore! And these past 7 weeks, I've worked out maybe 3 times? Glad to know the end of nausea will be coming soon -- nothing worse than feeling nauseas :)

Thanks for following and I follow your blog too & it's really cute :)