Friday, June 25, 2010

Thank you mom and dad

So yesterday we went and saw the furniture and LOVED it! The furniture is absolutely gorgeous and STURDY! That was our big thing -- we wanted sturdy wood that our baby could shake and rattle and it wouldn't phase it. So with that being said, my mom and dad gave us our 1st BIG baby gift. Thank you mom and dad :)

It's raining here at the moment and all I have to say is what the heck?! It's Summer and the beginning of the week, it was in the mid 90's! I mean, it's not pouring or anything, but it's still raining and not just misting rain.

I'm 11 weeks today!! I can't believe how fast time is moving. My baby is the size of a fig, a FIG!!! I think it's funny my little newsletters compare the baby bean to fruit. Not going to lie, sorta makes me want to have some fig newtons. I haven't had those since I was like little, but they just might have to happen.

Here are some pics courtesy of to show you all what 11 weeks looks like