Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fit Mama

So I wanted a DVD I could do at home that focuses on pregnant women and keeping their bodies fit in a safe way. That way I don't have to call my doctor every time I wanna do a DVD. So I went on Amazon and saw a lot of good reviews on Fit Mom

I finally got it in the mail yesterday and watched a little snip of it last night. It has a little section where you do salsa, yoga, and some cardio. So I'm thinking I do this DVD 3 times a week, with my walks, with my gym times (which at the moment is 2 days a week -- yeah yeah, I'm a slacker), I'll be sittin pretty. Or sittin not as heavy. I get comments like "oh after you worked so hard to lose the weight..." or "Get ready to work out like you've never worked out before after having it" and it's like like SHHH!! Here's the thing people: I KNOW I'm gonna have to workout like crazy to get back to where I was at. But the thing is, that's part of the reason of why I worked out so hard in the 1st place - I wanted to be fit as possible before I got pregnant. That way after I have the baby, it wont be like I'm starting from scratch. Plus I know my way around a gym and I know what blasts fat and builds muscle. So haters can suck it!

Tomorrow is the big day!! I have to post more pics of the belly. I know I'm that 1st time mom that's like "LOOK AT MY BELLY!! IT'S HUGE!!" But seriously, I do have a gut. Its not quite the pregnant gut, but it's there. This morning was the 1st morning I actually woke up and it was already there. It usually takes a couple hours to set in and by evening time it's fully there! Nick is pulling for twins, but I'm thinking I am either a) further along than I think or b) I'm just measuring big (lucky me and lucky va jay jay haha)



Marian said...

Can't wait to see the belly pictures!! Those are some of my favorites from bloggers!!

And I wouldn't worry about the weight. I'm sure you'll have to work at it, but it'll all come off eventually. And hey, maybe it'll be easier than you think (fingers crossed)