Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Where I'll be in 10 years

Katie over at Jersey Blonde passed on a fun award, "You Going Places, Baby" Award.

The rules of this bomb diggity award? Easy: Describe where I think I'll be in 10 years & pass the fun along to 10 other bloggers

In 10 years, I'll be: 33! WOAH! I'll be 33 almost 34. Now, I don't think that age is old by any means, BUUUUUUT it's weird for me imagine myself a 30 somethin year old. My plan by 33, is to have all my kids by then. I have told Nick a bajillion times, our last kid will be when I'm 28. Sooooo that means if we want 3 kids, we'll have to get them to be about 2 years apart. We shall see how that pans out, hmm? I see myself in a house with a garden that's just big enough to where I can grow some tomato's, peppers, strawberries, and beans. I'm not talkin Secret Garden style (would be amazing tho), but something I can maintain and it not be too much of a hassle. I'd like 2 dogs, preferably a Great Dane and/or a Newfoundland. Nick no doubt will have climbed the corporate ladder and be sitting in an amazing position with his job. I have to tell you since Nick has gotten this new job, he excels at everything he does. He's by far the best on his team and the kid just knows his shiz. In 10 years, I'd also like to have my NO MORE PRODUCING body just to where I want it and living the healthy beautiful life with a healthy family and my parents still close by.

Because I'm in a mad dash to work, I don't have time to pass this lovely award onto 10 people, but here are a few that I am always stalking:

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