Monday, June 14, 2010

Out of Order

Well holy moly, do I have a story for you all-

Friday evening my lower back started to hurt. It hurt at work, but not that bad. From what I had been reading on baby website, lower back pain is super common in pregnancy and even early pregnancy as the round ligaments are stretching. So Friday night, I went to wash my face before bed and BAM! I had the most crippling, paralyzing stab in my lower back that I had ever felt. I panicked! I could stand up straight, I had no idea what was going on. I called for Dr. Nick, and he came rushing into the bathroom as I told him I could stand up and my back hurts so bad. With each step to the bed, it hurt. Sitting in bed and getting adjusted hurt, again, I was freaking out. Nick started to rub it, but it wasn't doing much. I woke up Saturday morning, unable to even move or adjust in bed without crying. So Nick and I thought it'd be a good idea to maybe take a slow walk in the apartment to stretch it out. Bad.Idea. I was up for about 3 minutes, and I could feel myself about to black out. All of a sudden I was nausea's, my sight was fading to black and I couldn't hear as well. I told Nick "something is wrong! I'm blacking out! Nick, I can't see you!!" My hair was soaked in a matter of 30 seconds from the sweat I broke out into. Nick ran and got me some Gatorade thinking I was dehydrated, but all I wanted was him to call 911. I forced down half the Gatorade and in about 2 minutes, my vision was starting to come back. I sat on the bed for 10 minutes waiting to come back to normal before we decided it was time to go the ER.

Once at the hospital (they were all SOOO nice btw, and it's where I will deliver our baby), they took all my vitals and a blood and urine test, and even an EKG. Everything came back normal. The doctor checked out my back and said it was really inflammed and that it sounded like I had either pulled or pinched my Sciatic Nerve.

Since I'm pregnant, there wasn't much he could do in terms of tests or pain medicine, so he suggested I ice my lower back and stretch it when possible, and to take the medicine he was prescribing me - Tylenol with Codeine. I now know, will NEVER take it again. About 30 minutes after my 1st dose, I was a puking mess and learned I am just not made for the hard stuff. I threw up all Saturday and could not keep anything down. It had to have been one the worst day of my pregnancy so far. Sunday morning I woke up still sore, but not as sore, with my nausea ranging at a mild case thank God! So it was more resting, a little more walking around the apartment to stretch it, and icing it.

Today I am doing the same thing. I called in sick because there is no way I could walk around at work w/out getting questions of "what did YOU do this weekend?" I seriously walk like a 80 year old hunchback.

Oh and lastly - Nick and I decided that I needed to tell my boss I was pregnant. So I emailed him (not exactly how I pictured of telling him) last night and told him my weekend recap in short story form, and told him I was pregnant. My biggest concern was that if I didn't tell him I was pregnant, he'd think I'm a slacker and just want to call in sick every week. I plan on having a follow up call with him later to make sure he received my email and to discuss it. I'm hoping to be back at work tomorrow, so I'll keep you all posted. I hope you all had a great and way more relaxing weekend than I did :)