Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Flash backs

So I don't know about any of you other mom's or moms to be, but lately, Ive been eating PB&J's for lunches everyday. Its amazing and satisfies my pallet like no other. I feel like I'm eating like a kid again. I never really ate PB&J's before my pregnancy. I would have some almond butter and a bit of jam on an English muffin or something, but nothing like this. I prefer it with a nice big glass of ice cold skim milk too.

Anyone else get hungry and inspired while watching the Food Network? Lately I watch the Food Network when I get home -- so I can Giada at Home and Barefoot Contessa. They make things look SO easy and quick. I know it actuality it IS, but first you gotta get the ingredients, and then there's the getting up from the couch. But let me tell you, this network sure as heck knows how to get a pregnant ladies mouth watering and wishing I had my own barefoot contessa in my kitchen. Poor Nick has to settle with a PB&J loving barefoot pregnant wife that teeters on nausea all day.
I don't even know what this stuff is that she made, but I want it

Question for all you smart people and moms/expecting mom/nurses/doctors: Is it safe for pregnant women to eat crab legs? I am DYING for some crab legs!!!



Corletta said...

I don't have a clue, but I bet google knows!!!

californiadreamin said...

yeah, I've googled it and everything says its fine. I'm such a paranoid 1st time mama haha :) I told the hubbs if the doctor says its fine, we're headed to red lobster after the appointment :)

5th Belle Avenue said...

YAY congrats on your pregnancy! Oohh my goodness YES about the peanut butter! I have toast with peanut butter every morning and way too often I'm having a PB&J sandwich as a snack or for lunch. I can't get enough! I thought it was just me! Too funny. Excited to follow your journey. :)