Friday, March 19, 2010

Amazing things

So after much thought- I told my boss yesterday that I would pass on her offer to be her daughter's nanny (ie. her personal assistant, which I had no idea was even "the deal", but whatev). There was just too much drama that has occured the last few days, that I think it's best. In fact, today (in about 1 hour), will be the last time I work at this job I'm at currently.

Next order of business- I have antother interview lined up for TODAY!!! SO SO SO happy about this. Nick and I were talking last night at dinner, how it's weird that all of a sudden, I have all of these interviews lined up (4 to be exact). I began to tell him, that I was giving it up to the big J.C., and that I didn't consider it weird, but it was the power of prayer that opportunities have presented themselves. This interview today, I am SO excited about. It's maybe 10 minutes from my parents house, so my mom should most def come meet me for lunch some days (HI MOM :) ), and get this: my dad KNOWS who the doctor is and actually worked with him at the hospital my dad works at. I'm not sayin, just's a crazy coinsidence. So that is at 11 AM this morning.

I couldn't feel more blessed and I'm confident that one out of the 4 job opportunites that have presented themselves, I should get. Here is what the next week for me looks like:

Today: Interview with doctor's office
Saturday (tomorrow): interview with 2 different Curves offices
Sunday: Church and praising God for every door he has opened, even if they close
Monday: Interview with another company
Tuesday: Interview with Jenny Craig office near my house.

Interview, interview, INTERVIEW!!! So as you can see, I have had a great last couple of days. The only negative to all of this, is the awkwardness that has been going on in the office I am currently in and all of the misunderstandings that have happened with the whole nanny position. But- it's okay, I'm fine and I don't want to air the dirty laundry on the bloggie poo, cause you never know who reads these things.

Now. Workouts! Eh, totally lacking working out these past 3 days. I hate to throw the excuse of "so much on my plate right now", but I am. I have to look at "things on my plate" as LIFE. Things happen, good and bad, we get thrown curve balls, but we still have to live and take care of ourselves. Luckily for Nick, I am still showering through all of my crises, HAHA! So tomorrow, it's sleeping in (till the late time of 6:30 no doubt), and after my coffee and Lady Gaga jam session, it'll be off to see Tread at the gym for a good looooong 5 mile run. I am sticking to the outline I created on my post a couple days ago for sure. This 10K is coming up quick! 23 days to be exact! WHEW! Good thing I got amazing weather that makes me want to run.

Stay classy! I'll be sure to post an update on how my interview goes today, later on.