Sunday, March 14, 2010

New day and new week

Since that wonderful (laying on the sarcasim) thing we like to call Daylight Savings time is now in full effect, I am up 1 hour earlier, blah!

So Nick has decided to move our run/rides up a day and back to Sundays. Which I really do prefer cause by the time I will get home from work, I'll be tired and not really have that oomf to run 5.12 miles. In fact, he and I were talking about upping the mileage to prepare myself for my 10K, so I'm sure it'll be about 6 miles we run/ride now. You can bet your bottom dollar this little lady will be icing her knees tonight for sure!

Today is my day for clarity in my mind and soul. I'm praying that today at church, the message speaks to me in someway, because I could really use it on how I should approach my options in life. I am also praying for comfort. That God's word today will comfort me and feel me feel safe in the direction I take in my life and that doors will open, and they will be the right doors.

After clearing my mind in church, I plan on clearing my bank account at the grocery store cause we have NO food up in this house! Poor Nick, I was scrounging on what to pack him in his lunch for work today.

Have a blessed Sunday and I hope all my lovely gorgeous readers are enjoying their last day before the weekend!