Sunday, March 21, 2010


So like I promised, I would tell you all how my interview at the doctors office on Friday went...GREAT! OR at least I think it went great. When I got to the interview, there were 2 other girls waiting for their interview, as well as 1 that came in right before I went in to interview with the manager. So I know the competition will be steep, but the way my interview went and the fact that I got to meet with the actual doctor of the practice (I only saw 1 other girl do that), I think I'm a shoe in :)

When I left the manager I met with gave me her card and said "I'm hoping to make a decision by this afternoon, and will call you on Monday and let you know, but if I don't call you, PLEASE (she said this like it was urgent), call me, it just means, I got super busy". Oh and another good thing that ups my chances? They are actually hiring 2 girls for up front! So I'm actually thinking that me, and the other girl who met the doctor on Friday, will be their choices? I dunno, I'm just thinking positive thoughts.

Tomorrow I have an interview with a HUGE non-profit agency here in Sacramento and I am REALLY excited about that one as well because my hiring agent talked up how they are such a great company to work for and the people on the inside are great. Plus, my benefits would almost like a state employee's benefit package which is always great.

So onto the workout logistics of my life: Yesterday I was trilled with my 4 mile run. I did it in 44 minutes, so it was not a fast run by any means, but it was nice to keep a steady pace and not have to stop. I kept it at 5.9 throughout the whole run and I was hotter than a Lady GaGa video.

Today is mine and Nick's run/ride and we're planning on doing a 10K, EEEEK!! Wish me luck and have a beaututiful day lovelies!!