Sunday, March 7, 2010


N and I had an amazing ride/run! Come to find out, there seems to ALWAYS be something going on at our half way point. Last week there was a miniature/homemade boat race thing going on and today it was a rowing match (or whatever they are called). It as gorgeous out!!

So the total run today ladies and gents was a brisk 4.96 mile run/ride and since it seems my miles are upping the closer I get to my 10K, I need to start icing my knees and my ankles. I can definitely feel the wear and tear on the old body.

Oh and I have received a few emails re: how my hair turned out. Well....let's just say, I am getting used to it. I haven't been this blonde in a LONG time, so it's a shock to see my mug in the mirror with blonde hair framing my face. That's the other issue I have with it right now....I kinda sorta only put it on my long bangs around my face and pretty much on the hair that is visible when I put it in a ponytail. N thinks it looks fine, but I guess I'm way more critical on myself and I'm a tad nervous as to how the ladies at work are going to react to it. I had to do it twice cause it turned out orange in some spots and that was a no-go. I still feel like it has some brassy color to it and I put some of this Loreal shampoo on it, that says it'll tone up the blonde a bit, but I'm still thinking I'm gonna get this no brass kit I saw next to the hair dye. The first time I colored it yesterday, I almost pulled a Britney and shaved it off.

I think N was a little scared at how serious I was. There is something about a girls hair, that if the color is messed- we will freak the heck out! Just plain and simple. I had a bit of a panic attack, but when we met the Besties at dinner, Bon Bon assured me it looked fine. But since I know my lovely readers are honest as an American Idol panel, PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK :) Any tips to take out the brass without frying it and not spending a bajillion $$?

Have an amazing rest of your weekend my honest loves!