Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hump day & more interviews

I am so excited to annouce, that I have ANOTHER interview today at 10 AM! This will be interview #5 (different companies). I am so so blessed to have this many opportunities. Yesterday was an interview with Jenny Craig, and I would rate it a 2 out of 10. The job just isn't what I thought it would be. Today's interview is with a successfull company that provides research and consulting services in applied engineering and economics to clients in utility industry and government. I am hoping to get it broken down a bit in "english" when I get there :)

In workout world, I have been doing really good. Saturday I ran 4 miles and did some abs, Sunday was off, Monday was running 3 miles and upper body & then I went to a yoga class for 1 hour, yesterday Nick joined me at the gym and we both did cardio for 30 minutes (him on Elliptical and I on Tread which was 3 miles for me), and then we did upper body. I haven't gone to the gym YET today, but am heading there after my interview. I am aiming for 3 miles and then doing lower body (WOO HOO!!). It's all freaking me out that I have 18 days until my 10K - I'm more nervous than Tiger Woods at a press conference, but I know I can do this and all I can do is prepare myself as much as possible.

I think I really deserve a reward (besides the obvious acomlishment feeling), after I ocmplete my 10K. I'm thinkning something along the lines of dropping some moolah at Victorias Secret. Spring is here and I LIVE in wedges. I am also thinking about getting a little something for summer and if all goes right, Nick and I will be going to Mexico with my parents in Novemeber :) Here are the two bikini's and other goodies I'm eyeing