Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm stronger than yesterday

I'm going to open this blog with a question- do any of you who go to church, notice that when you go, the message always seems to pertain to what is going on in your life at the moment? It ALWAYS seems to happen and I have to laugh to myself and praise God that I came, because I need some help. With all the things that have been going on in my life lately, my soul felt a lot more at ease. The message that was being preached yesterday: DEALING WITH STRUGGLES- HA! Sounds familiar?

Now- back to the nitty gritty. WELCOME TO MONDAY! I am going into this week positive and upbeat and optimistic. I am actively/aggressively looking for a job that will be a great fit into my life and I actually have something that's come up. It's a position for a Health/Weight loss consultant and I have a webinar/phone conference that explains more about it on Tuesday. I'm sort of skeptical of it, just because in the back of my mind, I think it might be one of those scams, BUT I'm trying to be hopeful about it since it would be a great fit for my life and what I would be happy doing. I will be sure to let everyone know how it went on my Wednesday morning post. I have also applied for a consultant position for Jenny Craig near my apartment, and I think that would just be such a rewarding and fun job. A representative will be calling me if I am a match, so say some prayers :)

Not only that, I have a sit down planned with my boss regarding the nanny position for her 2 year old daughter tomorrow, so I will fill you all in on that :) It would really be a great position, but I have 3 reserves:
1. If the pay will be enough. I have a feeling the position would be less than 8 hours a day and if so, I am praying my boss offers me more pay to compensate.
2. My boss is very strict on what her daughter eats (organic, no processed sorta thing, which I can TOTALLY respect since I am conscious of what I eat), and then her sister (who just so happens to work in our office), is very picky on the activities that my bosses daughter partakes in. I have a lot of fun things in mind (parks, trips to the zoo, crafts, etc.), so I'm hoping that I can live up to the standards.
And lastly, I've never been a nanny as a job position. I don't know why the fact that I've never done it before scares me, but I guess it's that unknown/doubting myself that comes out. Truthfully, I think I would ROCK at the position. I don't have a problem with kids and honestly, I have a lot of fun seeing things through kids eyes and just having fun with's the "What ifs" that make me nervous. Like what if the child has a complete meltdown (which COULD and probably will happen at some point) and all she wants is her mom? I just have to take a deep breath and know that it's new, different, and I can do it and to QUIT doubting myself! Can anyone relate? Do you ever doubt yourself? This also pertains to workout out- sometimes when I set out to do a large number of miles on Tread, I doubt that I can finish when I've proved to myself time and time again, I CAN do anything I put my mind to!

Workout today consisted of 2 miles and strength training with my legs. Yesterday Nick (since it's no secret anymore of what his name is :) ), was so worn out from his day at work yesterday (he's on a 8 day straight work week, BLAH!), he opted we rescheduled the run/ride to today. So total, I will have run about 7 miles! WOO HOO!!! Theeeeen we're coming home to Buffalo burgers & sweet potato fries!! MMMMM. I got them at Trader Joes, and Nick has always loved buffalo burgers. Whenever we go to his native Colorado, he gets them whenever he can. It's very rare we find buffalo burgers on the menus here in California. I am actually VERY excited, cause this whole week, Spring will grace us with it's presence. 70 degrees all across the board baby! Even the weekend is lookin uh-mazing! Am I the only one who plans for the weekend to come when it's only Monday?

Have a beautiful, POSITIVE, and amazing Monday gorgeous readers!