Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Life update and such

Hello beautiful, lovely readers. I do apologize for the lack of blogs these past 2 days. I have been quite the busy girl.

On Monday, I started my new job as a receptionist (what else would I be? ;) ). Today was day 2, and I am having a hard time getting used to the schedule and finding time to blog. I used to have a good 45 minutes to catch up on blogs and blog myself, but by the time I get home from the gym in the morning, I only have MAYBE 10 minutes before I gotta go to work. Not only that, my gym time has been cut down to 30 minutes TOPS before I have to head back home to get ready for work. I start 30 minutes before I was at the last job, which isn't bad, but it still throws a wrench in my morning.

Next week I start my REAL work shift which I actually prefer. Right now I'm working from 8-5, and next week, it'll start my 7-4 schedule. That means I won't be able to go to the gym in the AM's, sadly. BUT, Nick has agreed to go to the gym with me after work, this makes things much better cause we will get to spend time together while sweating our hiney's off. I know some of you are thinking 7 AM is waaaay too early to start work (let alone, the time Im gonna have to wake up to get ready), but I'd much rather get off at 4 :)

In other news, holy guacamole (with chips please), my 10K is 11 friggin days away! Since I have had little time at the gym, all I have been doing is running since it is coming up so quickly. So I'm going to have to switch my workouts up so it incorporates more running than strength training, just until the 10K. However, I'm going to try leaving a tad bit earlier tomorrow morning for the gym, and see if I can squeeze in an hour again (30 cardio/30 strength training). Wish me luck!!

Stick around - I promise I'll be blogging more like I was, once I find a schedule that works for me :) But for now, I'm exhausted and am out like Ricky Martin (and p.s.- did he really think we didn't know he was gay?!)

C'mon, Ricky.....we knew