Thursday, March 4, 2010

Black Team all the way!

I got so choked up! My girl Ashley (an original pink team member), lost 10 lbs this week and carried the black team to the winning corner! The odds were against them and BAM! Team Jillian all the way, and she couldn't have said it better, when she said that the black team won because they got heart! They want it, bad!! I could not be happier! I am also pro black team, and this is why! They are ALWAYS the underdogs, and they always show strength and heart! Ah, what an inspiring way to start my morning. Michael thought he was sooooo smug picking the teams the way he did, which btw irritated me. It was SO game play, and he was right when he said "he's gotta look out for himself", it's still a WAY unfair advantage...or is it? Ashley just threw that all in his face with a whopping 10 lb loss!!

Whenever you think the odds are against you, your probably right, but don't you dare give up! Don't let the doubters win, and stick to your guns. Your going to have ups and you are sure as heck going to have some downs, but not to sound like Miley Cyrus, but it's not about getting to the other side, it's the climb and what you learn and take away during that climb.

Get in a rut? Switch things up- there are SO many resources (magazines, website, DVD's), that are sure to throw you a curve ball and are actually fun to do? Imagine that...a FUN exercise? Maybe even look into getting a session with a personal trainer. Most gyms offer a free session with a pt, and if you don't keep at it with that trainer, at least you walk away with some knowledge and experience with exercises/machines that you may have not ever known/used before. The beautiful thing about this life, is each day is NEW day- it's okay when you stumble, because you can get your balance back, and tomorrow is a!