Thursday, June 24, 2010

Baby Furniture

Guess where I'M going today after work? To look at baby room furniture!!!! My mom found this great set on craigslist that is GORGEOUS!

Normally this set together would be a little over $2000, but this lady is selling the whole set for $700!! Oh and guess where we're gonna put it? In our 2 bedroom that we're going to move into :) Nick and I found a 2 bedroom in our apartment complex and it's available June 26th, so move in would most likely be in July--possibly July 4th weekend. Funny story about it: Nick and I were told this one unit was available (lucky for us, it's right across the street from ours now). So for the past couple of days, we've peeked inside the windows (don't worry -- the recent tenants had moved out long ago). Well yesterday was no different -- after our walk we were peaking in the apartment windows and Nick just turned the door handle just to see if it would be was! HAHA! We both looked at each other with excitement/shock. So we did what most rebels would do -- went in! LOVED IT EVEN MORE!! I was day dreaming of where all the furniture would go and Nick even ran and got his tape measure to figure out where our couches would be going. We can hopefully look at it again on Sunday when it's technically "ready".

I've been feeling good still nausea wise. Of course I get my night time nausea still, but not as bad. Also, going on a walk yesterday was so nice and I want to make it a habit. 3-4 times a week we're walking my friends! I'll bring a tracker next time, but I would say it was about a 2 mile walk. Even on Saturday, I'm thinking about doing my first water aerobics class at the gym. I am slowly but surely getting back into my workouts and it feels good my friends! I need to keep up my endurance to push out my 10 lb baby I'm bound to have :)



J and A said...

Beautiful! How exciting! :)