Wednesday, March 17, 2010


It's a beautiful day! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, I am still being paid for my soon to be ex job, Nick and I have a control of our finances, Daisy is doing SPLENDID and making a total turn around, Kirstie Ally is finally getting that weight off, and.....I GOT 2 CALLS FOR INTERVIEWS TODAY! ALL WITHIN 20 MINUTES OF EACH OTHER! K so let me 'splain-

I got a call from an agent at a hiring agency for a job I applied for on Monster yesterday. So long story short, I called her this morning and she assured me she thinks I would be a great canidate for a few of her open positions and she would like to meet with me ASAP to get all the necessary paperwork done to get the ball rolling on finding a position. Not only is she confident that I could be placed in a position by next week, she thought it would be NO problem making the kind of salary I would like to be making! Naturally, I was jumping up and down and was so ecstatic! Thankfully today is Nick's day off and he was there to watch me actin-a-fool. So I have an interview with her TODAY at 1:30!! I am being 110% open and honest with my current bosses and have told them I have an interview, but will be back (or at least try) before the work day is done.

Theeen while packing my lunch after I got off the phone, the phone rang and on caller ID, the number came up as "1000". Telemarketer (or so I thought). I NEVER answer these sort of things, but I did, and who announced themselves as soon as I said "Hello?". Why a Jenny Craig human resource consultant of course!! They receieved my resume and my questions I filled out online, and want to meet with me on the 23rd at 4pm!! This position would allow me to deal with the one thing I'm passionate about and love talking about: weightloss and healthy living. I know I'd be dealing with Jenny Craig products, and being a counselor sort of person for people who are partaking in the JC program, so I have to do some more research before my interview so I am plenty prepared. I have a feeling I would be making less, BUT it's something I would love doing, so we'll just see how it goes. If Nick gets a higher up job at his company (that he applied to and is confident in getting), then we would be making a significant amount of more money, which in turn would make up for what I wasn't making.

All I'm saying is God is good and provides people! Just 1 week ago TODAY in fact, I was crying, my life was thrown off it's path, I didn't know what the world had in store for me. I still don't due to all the wonderful opportunies presenting themselves, but I know that there ARE opportunies and dispite what my miniature friend says, the sky is NOT falling!

Workout today consisted of nada! Nick and I don't have the same days off, so it was nice to sleep in (till 6am) with him. Since my 10K is fastly approaching, it's time to really get in those miles so here is a sample of my new workout plan that mostly focuses on running.

Sunday: Run/ride with Nick------6.2 miles
Monday: Elliptical for 15 minutes and leg day
Tuesday: Run 3.5 miles and abs
Wednesday: Elliptical for 15 minutes and upper body strength training
Thursday: Run 4.5 miles and abs
Friday: REST
Saturday: Run 5 miles and find a way to squeeze in a nap
= 19.2 miles a week

This is my plan for until April 11th. The week before the race, I will take the miles down a bit of course, as to not strain my muscles or get that "burned out" on running feeling.

Enjoy this GORGEOUS day and I will be sure to blog about my interview with the hiring agency tomorrow AM :)



erin said...

Oh my goodness, how exciting!! I can't wait to hear how your interview today went. God is so good!

Juliana said...

WOO HOO! I love reading very happy and uplifting posts!