Monday, February 21, 2011

Another week

Okay ladies welcome to another fabulous week! The hubbinator is off this week like i mentioned in a previous post,and i couldn't be happier! This morning is sorta a bummer tho because we are taking the little man of the house to the doctor. His poor toe nail is growing into his skin on the big toe, so the pediatrician is gonna fix it. My poor guy, nick and I feel so bad for him cause we know it's going to be very uncomfortable for the doctor to fix it. The bright side of the appointment is we are gonna have him weighed so we can see how much our little piggy is growing. The boy must be going through a growth spurt cause he has been acting like a starvin marvin for the past couple of days. My ladies are producing like they've never produced in their life! I have 7 whole feedings ready to go in the fridge, so i ordered some freezer bags so I can start stashing some of that liquid gold.

Yesterday my amazing kick ass family traveled to the big city of San Fran and spent the day looking at fish at the aquarium and stuffing our faces with clam chowder bread bowls on the pier. *pics to come when Im not typing on our new iPad* Troy was a total champ and either slept or just hung out in his stroller. He started getting hungry and fussy towards the end, but he has every right since this was the longest he's ever been in his car seat. Plus he's only 1 month old! Well in 3 days he will be. I can't believe my baby boy has been here 1 full month!

I'm skipping my 4 week pp picture of the belly because #1, I'm too lazy to take a pic right now and #2, I don't think I look THAT different. So you'll be getting a 5 week pp picture next week :)



Breanna said...

Glad you guys had so much fun and T did so well!! And yay for Liquid Gold!

We were invited to S.F. yesterday with my dad and sis but went to the snow instead.. lol too funny!