Friday, February 18, 2011

Lazy Rainy Day

So guess who just got a whole lot sexier? My man!! He bought us an iPad!! Its about time we have one of those babies, Nick does work for the good ol' fruit company. It should be delivered today. As well as a bottle warmer I ordered from Babies R Us, some teeth whitening strips for Nickmeister and some more Mothers Milk Tea. My review on the tea - it worked for me. I noticed my supply went up at least 2 extra ounces per pumping session. The taste doesn't bother me at all like I thought it would. It smells like black licorice (BLAH!), but doesn't taste that way , it's just bitter which I actually like. Speaking of things that help milk supply - OATMEAL. I read it awhile back on, and tried it once I ran outta Mothers Milk Tea and it's been doing the trick. I was a total sceptic about that, but hey, you don't have to tell me twice. Especially with this chilly rainy weather - pass me a steaming hot bowl of oats, 1 spoonful of almond butter and a healthy squeeze of honey, and I'll devour the stuff!

A lot of randoms - this weekend us and the fam are going to San Francisco!

SO excited for a change of scenery ad to just get outta the house and do something fun with the people I love. This will be Troy's 1st road trip, and we're being smart by easing him into it. Frisco is about 2 hours from here, so we'll be planning the 6 hour trip to Disneyland sometime down the road. I've been pumping like a mad cow trying to build up a supply of bottles for the little milk guzzler for our trip. I even plan on pumping on the way there (dad, you will not be allowed to turn around from the front seat when this occurs). Like my sister told me earlier, when you become a mom, all your modesty goes out the window. Gotta keep my milk supply up and I don't think walking around SF engorged sounds like a good time. I can't wait, you can bet your bottom dollar you will find me with a nice steaming clam chowder bread bowl and this bad boy -

{Side note - yes this is Julia Roberts, and yes, I recommended the Ergo baby carrier to her}

The man of the houses, birthday is this week (the 23rd) and it's the big 2-7! Most def will be doing something special for the man, once he can tell me what it is that he wants to do that day. Sitting around the house will not be happening, birthdays are a cause for celebration. I will be making him a fabulous yellow cake with vanilla frosting like I do every year to keep his stomach happy (and mine!). He is also taking a week off of work to be with me and the little man and get a little R&R. It's no joke that Nicky poo works hard for his family and when you count in his commute, he is working 11-12 hour days 4 days a week. The man leaves when it's dark and comes home when it's dark. I am SO excited he'll be home this week, things are always better when he's home. I know Troy misses him too. You girls shoulda seen the two in bed this morning - Nick talking to Troy and Troy talking in his baby jabber. I'm convinced he was venting to his dad about how boring I can be during the day with all my attempts are trying to make him smile.

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Breanna said...

Hope you guys have a blast in frisco! Dave has family there, so we are planning a trip too! We are just waiting for the weather to warm up :) Yes, Oatmeal is amazing when BF'ing!

Kristen Payne said...

I have a little trick... maybe you already have one but i made myself a homemade hands free pumping bra. I cut little slits small enough to fit the skinny end of the pumping horns through. Attach the backs and bottles and PRESTO! FREE FREE FREE! I just used an old bra. It would probably work wonders on your trip. I used it while surfing online. made the pumping go by so quickly.

I am so happy that pumping has been working out for you.