Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy 1 month little man

Today marks my Troy Maximus's 1 month birthday. Again, once I am not on the iPad, I will post some pics of my little man documenting these past 4 weeks. These past 4 weeks have gone so fast, even though I know that sounds so cliche. Everyday, Troy looks older and more like a little boy rather than an infant. His personality is showing so much these days. Things I have learned about TM-

1.) He argues with his poo. When he is pooping, he screams at it and if he has his binki in, he will mumble some sort of baby swear words at it.

2.) He still isn't quite the fan of getting his diaper changed. He is getting better from day 1 so I am thankful he doesn't sound like we are beating him anymore when we are trying to get him outta that stinky diaper.

3.) He is starting to watch TV. I don't like it when women use the tv as a babysitter, but when Troy does have his eyes glued to Little Bear, it allows me to do some dishes, make myself some breakfast, or just simply catch up on some me time. This is always in the morning, and lasts about 30 minutes until he finally falls asleep for nap #1 of the day.

4.) He is definitely showing to be a mamas boy. He loves to cuddle and take naps with his mommy and sometimes when he is fussy, I will give in and lay down with him just so he will fall asleep ( and you can bet your bottom dollar, I get some shut eye too. Being a mom is exhausting, but worth every scream and dirty diaper).

5.) The boy has amazing head control. Im a total bragging mom - his pediatrician says he has better neck control than most babies his age.

6.) He is THIS close to smiling. He is starting to talk and makes noises that cause his mouth to curl up and you can tell he is gonna do a full fledge smile any moment. I try to tickle him and everything else under the sun to see that ray of sun.

I cannot wait to see what this next month will bring. He is growing everyday and I am enjoying every second of it, hence the lack of posts. I just wanna eat up every second with him haha.

Fresh out of the oven

1 hour old with Pa-G and Auntie Mo

2 Days old with Gma

Everyone loves you so much

Mommy loves our snuggle time

Daddy already having football conversations with his little boy

1st Tummy Time - 2 weeks old

There has been a lot of these

And a lot of these...smooches Troy Maximus!



Anonymous said...

Yay, one month! I can't wait to see photos. Ethan is SUCH a mama's boy, too. EVERYONE says it. They have him, and he'll get cranky...the second he hears my voice, he really starts to cry until I take him, then he's silent. At night he goes to bed for me right away...Jarrod, nope. Whoops!

I've put Sesame Street and VeggieTales on for him. He watched an entire VT video, and will tolerate Sesame Street for a little while before he starts fussing and is ready for a nap.

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

haha must be a boy thing...'don't touch my weinis mom' haha

but y'all too...reid doesn't scream bloody murder like he used to when it got changed..i guess those cold wipes on my manhood makes it tough too! haha

Mrs. Stethoscope said...

Emmaline used to hate having her diaper changed when she was about that age but totally grew out of it. Then she was fine she would just lay there.. now that she can roll both ways she does when Im changing her.. or she will try to grab her feet.