Sunday, February 13, 2011

Shredding that Baby fat off!

Yup, you read that header right. My OB told me when I was being discharged that I could do whatever I was comfortable with when it came to workouts. I haven't gone back to the gym (YET!), so I'm just keeping it low key with some 30 day shred. Ladies, it is ROUGH getting back into that program when you haven't done it in about 9 months. It's probably been longer since I rarely did the 30 day shred before I was pregnant. The routine starts you off doing pushups for the 1st workout. I usually did the modified pushups with ease, but wholly guacamole, I was DYING!! Even a modified pushup was HARD!!! I looked over at Nick in shock at my ridiculous lack of strength. That's okay though- it's just a matter of time before I get these guns back. For now, I am dealing with my soreness like any other crazy lady - by continuing on with the workouts. I know I"m only 3 weeks (tomorrow) post partum, but I'm missing my pre preg body. Mostly my thighs that don't jiggle so much. Nothing a little cardio and much squats can't take care of. But that'll come once I get the clearance from my OB in about 3 more weeks. Then it'll be time to hit the gym, which I will attempt to do in the mornings before Nicky poo goes to work.

{I would like to have this body by Mexico, please :) }
Tomorrow is picture updates! I'll be posting a pic of the 3 week post partum tummy, which I'm not too sure looks much different, as well as the bday bash for my dad we had on Friday. Then of course tomorrow is Lovers Day, aka Valentines Day, aka...mine and Nick's anniversary! 6 years bay bay!



L0veLindsey said...

First, congrats on 6 years!!! How exciting : ) Second, I know that you have the determination and drive to get your pre baby body back.. no doubt in my mind! You'll be the hottest thing at the beach when you go to Mexico.. just stick with it darling! : )

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Tales of a young mamma said...

Feb 12th was our 6th year anniversary! And goodluck w starting the work outs!