Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Things I've learned since being a mommy

Here are a handful of things I've learned since becoming a mommy:

* Breast milk is like liquid gold. I make sure Troy drinks every sip of his bottle. It took me forever to pump that baby!

* Sleep is more valuable than diamonds. Troy slept for 6 hours straight on Friday night - twas amazing!

* I can do anything with 1 hand - this includes tying my shoes, pumping a bottle and feeding at the same time, and cutting up strawberries (no fingers lost, YET!)

* If I change the diaper and then feed Troy, he'll let me put him in his car seat, carrier or the bath without a fuss. If I do otherwise, it's a screaming battle

* I am no longer human - I am either a kangaroo, carrying around my little Troy in his carrier on my front, or I'm a cow - pumping bottles every 2 hours

* At night, I don't sleep with a shirt on to give my ladies a break. So much as brushing against my chest will cause a let down. Milk comes out quicker than a bullet in a gun - I grab whatever cup like thing that's nearby to catch any milk coming out. Read #1 to understand

* Binki's are awesome. If your baby doesn't take one at first, keep trying, then can be a lifesaver

* This is the most amazing job I've ever had, and my boss is quite the looker



Meagan said...

aw such a cute post! I already feel like a cow so I guess I should get used to it!

Katie said...

Troy is adorable Karli!! I hope your having fun experiencing all your "first times". I'm glad hes getting some sleep in to give you a break too!
Stay well mamma!

Just Jennifer said...

I've been pumping for a month too so I totally understand how you're feeling! I know we want to sleep without a bra at night (and it's actually recommended that you not sleep with a bra or at least an underwire one) but if you want to stop the leaks they make a petal type thing (I used it last time and can't remember the stupid name now!) that you can wear like under a camisole or something that actually catches the milk so you can save it. Dont' want to waste a drop! Good luck and he's FREAKING adorable!

Mrs. Stethoscope said...

I love the hat he is wearing... I agree about the liquid gold... wait till my post comes out later today about breastmilk ... you will die