Monday, February 28, 2011

Hey there Cupcakes!

Wouldn't a cupcake just be amazing right about now? Never mind the fact that I just now ate breakfast (it's 11:00 here), I'd still go for a cupcake!

Speaking of cupcakes, they are off the menu (well, unless it's just a bite) until after June 11th. #1, I have Mexico coming up in May, and then I'm in my best friends wedding on June 11th. I took a few days off of shredding it with Jillian due to Nickmesiter being home this past week, and then we had his parents in town. I'm back at it and I started it back off with level 2 of the shred. Honestly, I like it A LOT more than level 1. Its challenging enough to make me sweat and make my arms shake with each and every plank move (if you've done the shred, you know what I'm talkin about), and it seems to go by a lot faster than level 1. My plan is to shred M-Thursday and take walks every day Mon-Thursday that the weather is super nice. Then when Nick is home on F-Sun, we can take walks too :) When I get the 6 week check up (March 9th), my plan will be to hit the gym in the AM instead of shredding it.

Eating clean is also on the menu. I'm that chick that can eat the same thing So it's my usual 5 egg whites, 1 yolk scrambled over some spinach and some salsa with a side of the 100 calories Orton Sandwich thins (Dry, no butter or anything - I like to dip it in my salsa). Then for lunch it'll be the most AMAZING salad ever created & a nice juicy Fuji apple. It consists of- Spinach, sugar snap peas, baby corn, and a cut up Boca meatless chicken patty with 2 tablespoons of Kens Steakhouse Lite Italian dressing. I am not doing a plug or getting paid to say this, but this is by far the BEST dressing ever! I'd pick it over ranch, and that's saying a lot. Then for dinner, I usually just make whatev I have on the menu. Tonight it's a turkey lasagna I got at Costco before Troy man was born and a side salad. Maybe a glass of wine....maybe ;-) My plan is to stick to this menu (Except the lasagna everyday of course), M-Friday and then weekends, it differs since Nick and I grab lunch somewhere.

You could say I'm worried about Mexico with my thunder thighs I've been rocking lately, but I have about 2 months and 2 weeks to get them in better shape. I am reading to lace up my Asics and have sparks fly off the back of my heels and hit the trails! Should be pretty amusing for you ladies to hear about my post partum running experiences when it's harder than heck to control my bladder these days and jumping up and down makes a girl panic!



Kristen said...

you are one dedicated mama!

erin said...

You are EVIL for posting the pic of that cupcake! :)

It sounds like you have a great plan in place for getting your body ready for your trip. Good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

Where are the belly pics? :-)