Monday, February 21, 2011

Get it guurl, get it get it gurl

So we had Troys doctor appointment and it went pretty good. The doc said all we gotta do is push the skin back on his big toe and encourage the nail to grow over the skin opposed to through it. We also got some antibiotics for the little guy and he seemed to actually like it. He is also weighing in at 9lbs 7 ounces! Still a few ounces away from what his mama weighed when she was born, but he's getting there. I bet he weighs about 11-12 lbs at his 2 month appointment on March 15th.

So cupcakes, like you girls know, I have been shredding it up with Ms. Jillian Michaels while i wait for my 6 week clearance from my doctor (2 more weeks!!!) I have done it about 6 times this past week and a half, and I am already feeling stronger. Especially in my endurance. I the beginning, jumping jacks kicked my butt, but I'm feeling a lot better with them. The push ups are also getting easier, which makes sense cause I have some pretty impressive guns haha, I kid, I kid. As much as I love me some Jillian Michaels, I am itching to get my butt back into the gym and back on the treadmill, back into the weight room, and back into the XBike room. This morning I talked to Nick about how he will be in charge of Troys feedings from about 4:30- whenever i get home from the gym. He wasn't as enthused as i was, but he will be fine with it, he has no choice haha. The truth is ladies, i need "me" time, and in fact, all women including mamas need some me time. It keeps us all sane. I need to get onto my marathon training, eeek!!

While we are talking body improvements and "me" time, I will be starting my teeth whitening (crest whitening strips all the way baby!) again. My teeth are looking non white and every time I watch American Idol and Jennifer Lopez opens her mouth, I am jealous over how white her teeth are. Another thing on my to do list tomorrow - hair touch up and mani/pedi (given by yours truly of course). Since Im a SAHM, I cannot spend $160 every 4 weeks anymore, boo! So thank you Loreal! We will see if Troy let's me do these things tomorrow, but thankfully with Nick being home, he can grab Troy when I can't.



erin said...

I can't believe Troy is already 4 weeks old! So crazy! You keep rocking those workouts. And I hear you on the "me time." Stephen has already told me he will do what he can to give me time to workout. I am already worrying about how in the world I will fit everything in!