Sunday, February 6, 2011

Are You Ready for Some FOOTBALL!?!

I LUUURVE Super Bowl Sunday! I love the food, I love the commercials and I am one of those girls who actually does love watching the game. This year I'm most def rooting for some green and yellow. For some reason, the Steelers have never tickled my fancy, so I'm banking on Mr. Aaron Rogers to do his thing. My parents and sister and niecy poo will be coming over and we'll be grubbing on some elk burgers (courtesy of mom and dad :) ), meatballs, boneless buffalo wings, jalapeno poppers, chips and dip and of course a veggie platter. I have been craving some fresh veggies, but have been super paranoid with broccoli (Which I normally devour!) because my mom told me when I was a baby, I was super colicky due to her love for broccoli and me receiving it via her breast milk.
My Troy Maximus is growing like a weed, and is having a bit of a fussy couple of days. He will fuss in his sleep. Not freak out or anything, but he'll grunt and growl and act as if he will bust out of his swaddle any minute. Sometimes his grunts and fidgeting will wake him up, and other times it doesn't. His mommy and daddy are saying prayers in their minds that he doesn't wake up and if the good Lord can just give us a couple hours of consecutive sleep, it'd be fabulous. Bottle feedings are going well. I get up and pump after I feed him and put him back to bed for about 10-15 minutes so we have some supply for his next feeding. At some point I'm going to Babies R Us to get some different bottles that don't let as much air out when they suck. Don't want my little man getting a tight tummy. Then we'd really have a fussy baby on our hands. He really is a precious baby, and I love him SO much more than words can describe. He is perfectly content sitting in my Ergo baby carrier while I clean up the place and he can just nap. Although sometimes he wakes up, he'll fuss for a second or two, then pass back out. I promise to post some pics tomorrow with the 2 week belly update. Cuh-razy that Troy will be 2 weeks old tomorrow, WHEW!! Time flies ladies.



Breanna said...

No Way... I love Elk Burgers! My dad hunts and I love it all! Plus its so lean!

Happy {early} 2 weeks Little Man!