Saturday, February 5, 2011

I Swear I'm Not Dead

Hello blog land!! I have been so absent and I apologize, but you know how it can be with a demanding little baby around :) These past couple of days if Troy and I haven't been out and about, we've been napping, and if we haven't been napping, we've been crying - both of us :)

So update on the breastfeeding - I am still doing, but I am pumping. To be honest, I felt really guilty at first, but you know what? I don't anymore. It stressed me out beyond belief and I dreaded it. Even though I went to the lactation consultant and she helped me with the latch, it's not helping the nipp situation any. My left hasn't fully healed, but does feel better. However, my right side has started to take quite the beating and I would dread it when he'd latch. Another reason for me switching to pumping is I believe I've given Troy nipple confusion. I don't want to scare all you mom's to be or other new mom's because I know this doesn't happen to every baby, but he seems to be refusing my breast. I think its because it's easier for him to get it out of the bottle and he gets so much more. So, there you have it. He is getting my milk, but from a different source. Some of you asked which pump I ended up getting and it was the Medela Swing.

It cost about $160, but so far I love it. Its a single pump, but it works fine. The only downside of pumping, is when Troy gets up to eat, I have to pump before I can go back to bed so I keep my supply up. A girlfriend of mine recommended drinking Mothers Milk Tea to boost my supply. I went online and read reviews on it, so I plan on picking some of it up today and start chugging. At the moment I'm pumping every 2 hours to keep up the supply. Any of you mama's use it and notice a difference?

I'm finally getting out of the house more and like I've said, it seems to be the only and the best way to keep my sanity. Every Monday, I will meet 2 of my girlfriends for a nice long walk on the trails with their two babies, the first Wednesday of every month, I'll get together with Jenni and another one of my mama friends who has a 8 month old little girl. I've also been looking at other mommy and me type groups in my area and will be signing up with those in about a month (which is when I'm hoping to feel a little more confident with taking Troy out for longer stretches).

Workout news - I am going to SLOWLY but most definitely get back into my workouts this next week. My OB said to start slow, but as long as I feel fine and up to it then I'll be okay and of course if I feel an increase in bleeding, then to stop obviously. So I'm going to start with 30 day Shred and see how that goes. I'll probably only do it twice a week to start off, but it'll give me some nice exercises to do until I can get back into the swing of things. Of course on Monday I'll post my 2 week post partum belly picture. I'm honestly surprised at how much smaller it is in the matter of 1 week! Can't wait till it's been like 1 month to see the difference then.

I'll try and post more often ladies, PROMISE!! Don't go anywhere! Once my little man doesn't need as much snuggles (I cannot complain about this at all hehe), and his poopy butt changed all the time, I'll be back into the swing of things :)



Traci said...

I'm going to do a guest post on pumping over at coming up. I've been exclusively pumping for the last 4 months. First piece of advice is to get a hands free bra so you can feed the baby and pump at the same time. This is a good site too

I also started working out 2 weeks after the baby was born. I did the elliptical and mostly upper body weights. I didn't want to do anything too heavy for legs. I did notice I bled a little more when I worked out but it wasn't too bad. Best of Luck to you!

Mrs. Stethoscope said...

Way to go momma

doesnt matter how you go about it.. your doing it.. your feeing your baby... and dont feel guilty.. even if you would not be able to keep up the pumping and have to switch to formula your still doing great things for your baby

I use mothers milk tea.. about 3 glasses a day.. once a week... or if you dont like the taste some ppl dont you can just pick up fenugreek tabs (its in the tea) and take those

Breanna said...

Glad you guys are doing well! Can't wait to see your monday post :)

I'm in a mommy group, let me know if you woud like to join! I know we are both in the sacramento area :)

Tales of a young mamma said...

I did the same one when my son was a baby. I nursed once in a while- but it just didnt work that well. I pumped for 3 months then switched to formula and my now 3 year old has been sick Maybe three times in his life, so don't let people make you feel guilty! As long as you are FEEDING your son, you are being a good mom.

Jennifer Guardado said...

Breastfeeding wasn't for me. But I did pump my milk for 6 weeks & my daughter was an all formula baby. She to was NEVER sick. Formula is just as good. And I totally agree with Tales of a young Mamma...Don't let anyone make you feel guilty. Sounds to me like your doing Awesome girl!!