Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Beautiful Day

Today has been gorgeous! I had mommy and me play time with Jenni and my new friend Sara. Jenni has a 8 month old and a 2.5 year old and Sara has a 8 month old as well. All girls, so Troy was one lucky little fella' today. We are doing this once a month (maybe more) where we meet in the morning at Jenni's house for coffee and a little brunch. It was soooo nice to talk to other mom's and just compare notes on things that work.
One of the things I was comparing notes about is bottles. Since I pump now, I was in the market for a good no air getting in the belly sorta bottles. They both recommended Avent bottles. Another one of my girlfriends recommended Tommie Tippe bottles, but I'm going to try the Avent first and hope they do the trick. The Medla ones that came with my pump get air in my little man's belly. Not okay for a mommy who wants some sleep.
Once I got home I was not ready to go in the house yet, so I put Troy in his stroller and went for a 2 mile little walk around the block. It's absolutely gorgeous these days in Sacramento, so I couldn't resist. Once I got back in, I'm cleaning up so the mister has a nice clean home to come home to and I may have pee'd my pants a bit when I saw Justin Bieber was on Ellen today. I may or may not have been watching that while I clean.



Megan said...

I love the Bieb lol so does my 8 year old daughter, at least I have an excuse to see the movie :) I love Avent bottles for Callaway, she rarely gets a tummy ache and she burps wonderfully with these. Good luck with them, I hope Troy likes them too!