Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Face Lift

Hello beautifuls!!

As you can see, mama got herself a bloggy face lift! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! I am still in the process of writing in my "About Me" sections and all the other headers sections. I'll get on that ASAP! Becca over at Jumping Jax Design did it and I highly recommend her. She was so friendly and easy to work with and as you can see, creates amazing blogs!

Today the little dude and I met up with my bestie Jenni and her two little girls, and we walked across the street to the outlets. Hide your wallets ladies, you can get amazing deals there. Baby Gap was having a semi annual sale and I got some basic shorts for Mexico and of course a sun hat, and a shirt for him to wear for Winter/Fall 2011.

As you can see, it's accurate. Seriously people - lock em' up. I got a handsome little devil on my hands

I also scored some cute shorts at Carters.

I may or may not have popped into Claires for my own little retail therapy. Sure Claires has super cheap stuff, but I can get some great stuff there and for some of my things, it lasts awhile. I couldn't pass up on this bracelet.

I'm most def gonna wear it on a date night with a certain hottie who I get the pleasure of sharing a bed with.

Today has been another gorgeous day in Sac town although I looked at the weather report and saw THIS

Ummm, hello? Not okay! I've been doing great with my workouts/walks. I've been level 2ing it up with Jillian and The Shred and walking in the afternoons (about 2 miles). This will put a cramp in that with rain. The Shred will be the only activity I get. Speaking of exercise, I was reading about how exercising and breastfeeding (which I consider myself doing since that is what Troy gets, just through a bottle) can make your supply drop. Not good. Yesterday I actually noticed I wasn't producing all that much, so I loaded up on fluids like you wouldn't believe and that included some Mothers Milk Tea. Today I seem to be back up to pumping 2 bottles in 1 sitting (about 9 ounces) and Im wondering it dropped because A) Nick's mom and fiancee were in town and I didn't pump as much as I normally do or B), Im not taking in enough calories/fluids. In order to keep my supply up, I usually pump every hour and a half. Since I am at home all day, it's no biggy and I can produce enough boob juice for the little dude. Speaking of boob juice/breastfeeding/pumping - I heard a rumor that breastfeeding burns 20 calories for every ounce you express. I have NO idea if that's true or not, but mama like!! The only issue is I have to keep some weight on and keep liquids and calories coming in because like I mentioned, it can deplete your supply. No bueno.

And since I forgot to post my 5 week pp belly pic - here ya go. This was taken this morning before I shredded it up!

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday ladies!! It's a gorgeous one in Cal-i-for-ni-A!


J and A said...

Love the new look! :)

Mrs. Stethoscope said...

your right its anywhere from 18-32 cals per oz depending on your body and the way it makes milk

A Real Housewife said...

loving the new blog design! we're supposed to have another cold front come through here this weekend, as well.....BOOO!!!!