Monday, January 11, 2010

And we're back

So today's workout consisted of unpacking a bunch of boxes that consisted of my clothes and a little box that consisted of N's. What's a girl to do- that's how it's supposed to be right? The girl has TONS of clothes and shoes and the guy gets this tiny little spot? I would gladly share the beautimous walk in closet space with N, but he really isn't much a "what hot outfit can I put together today" kinda guy.

To be honest- I was not in the mood to run or shred or wake up. My back was/is a total mess. I broke the cardinal rule yesterday and I lifted with my back and not my legs! What the heck folks?! So tonight unpacking boxes has been killer, but I'm taking it easy with my legs propped up on our beautiful new $30 pine coffee table (Craigslist people! It's where all the loot's at), and I'm kickin back on our new couches with N and his bff (Mr. X Box) and of course Daisy Mae. She is such an explorer and N and I agreed that I shoulda named her Dora the Explorer, but let's be honest, this weeny came before the cartoon (that's what she said).

I hate it say it cause it's a new year (new goals, new races, new hair extensions for Kate Gosslin),
but my workouts have been horrible this year. I was sick with a HORRIBLE upper chest cold, and now that I'm over it, my back is killin like a villain. So tomorrow there shall be no workouts, cause I don't think I just lifted wrong, I think I actually pulled my lower back. No bueno. But for the most part, we are unpacked, so I can just take it easy and hopefully land this new job I am going for tomorrow. YES- you read me right, I am interviewing for yet ANOTHER job! You may be asking yourself, "Didn't she already have a fabulous job lined up last time I read". The answer- yes! BUT, things change. Long story short- the corporate office at the company (and there are a bajillion corporate offices for this company- they are worldwide), is supposed to be approving my offer letter and they just haven't come through yet. My supposed to be new manager, is SUPER DUPER sweet and she really wants things to work out and she's been really good keeping in touch with me, and even she doesn't know what the hold up is. So, I think it's best to kick this Popsicle stand and hit the road. Cause mama needs some money like Lady Gaga needs a mirror.

So, I have a great job interview lined up that one of my hiring agent's set up for me. It's a great development company and it's in a great location considering where our new place is. It'll take me like 15 minutes to get to work (LOVE IT!).

So on that note, it's been a long day, but I look forward to letting you all know how it went tomorrow when I get home.

Stay beautiful lovelies!!