Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Madness

Yes ladies and gents it's here. MONDAY!WOO HOO!! It helps if you say it like that when you wake up. Instead of "ugh.....Monday" So I totally skipped the gym this morning. WAIT-before you just close my blog cause you can't believe I flaked, I am going this afternoon after work. I am taking my X Bike class at 6:30 and I plan on running the 2 miles my 10K schedule is telling me to do, along with it being my "leg" day today. So there you have it.

I think every Monday will now be titled "Monday Madness. Not only is it everyone's leastfavorite day of the week, but I am planning on it being my hardest workout day. Or maybe it'll just be my sweatiest? X Bike drains about 5 gallons of sweat out of me, running takes about 1-2 gallons, and the amount of weight I force my legs to press will take about 1 gallon. I kinda love it though cause this weekend I was HORRIBLE! Okay, I worked out on Saturday and did 3.8 miles(A-yo!), but foodwise I did horrible! Saturday I had taco bell with a friend (yes it was from the fresco menu, but still...not the cleanest of foods), Saturday for dinner, N and I went to mexican and I filled my belly with chips, guac, and a ooey gooey cheesy quesadilla. Sunday it was the other half of my quesadilla and chinese for dinner. I got the lettuce wraps, but still..who knows how much sodium they pack into the chicken mixture they want you to put in the lettuce. So, today I'll be cracking the whip on myself today.

WELCOME TO MONDAY! MUA HA HA! & just to give you (and me!) that little push to get to the gym and push it, here are some pictures of celebs who know how to work it