Thursday, January 14, 2010

Testing 1, 2

Thank you guys SO much for the emails re: my comment problem. I'm pretty sure the problem is fixed with the comments, but I'm don't think we can fix Heidi Montag's need to be in the lime light or get her plastic surgery addiction under control. One thing at a time, right?

this picture brought to you by this site
I'm about to head outta work and take this girl's bootay to spin and maybe a run if I have time. Blog ya lata!

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BesameMucho said...

Hey there sweetie! I am looking forward to reading your blog, like someone looks forward to the next episode of their favorite series!
Love ya!

californiadreamin said...

Your so funny mom :) Love you thanks for your support!!

Dining Diva said...

I can't get over what she has done to herself; and it's kind of like a tattoo. I hope she loves herself now. While she's making all of these changes, she should kiss your annoying hubby goodbye,too!

quite contrary said...

I want your abs! Just found your blog! love it

californiadreamin said...

Quite Contrary- I LOVE YOUR blog :) & I'll give you my abs if I can have your hair hehe

Diva- I SO agree! If you look at before pics when she was on Laguna Beach every now and then with Laruen, it's uh-mazing. Spencer is bad news

Claire xx said...

I cannot believe Heidi has done this to herself - I blame the Pratt! Love your blog hun, it is really motivating.
Claire xx

californiadreamin said...

Awww thanks Claire! I most def blame
Spencer & Hollywood- I think Heidi just got wrapped up in wanting to be the biggest thing