Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Like a moth to a flame

So I was just watching my very educational programs on MTV the other day when what do I see? But a preview for another season of 16 and pregnant! I know some people have some major hard feelings about these kinds of shows, but to me, it's entertainment and I am a reality TV show addict, so it kinda goes with the territory (don't even get me started on season 2 of Jersey Shore I caught wind of today :)) If you are wanting to catch a glimpse into the lives of the current cast of "Teen Mom" (which happen to be the same girls on the 1st season of 16 and Pregnant), you can always tune into MTV on Saturdays or some weekdays and they are usually always running a marathon of them. Especially since the season finale is coming up tomorrow :)
If you want to catch the season premiere (like I will be!!) of the new season of 16 and pregnant, Season 2 will begin airing on Tuesday, February 16, at 2pm. And just an FYI, the Teen Mom Finale Special: Check-Up with Dr. Drew” airs February 2nd.

Now, as for workouts today- I was true to my word and it was Monday Madness!! I was actually in a sort of bad mood today, but after some good ol' X Bike and sprinting (I kid you not! I have the wet sports bra and tank top to prove it), I am in way better spirits. Oh and guess what?! I started a new workout routine. I will fill you all in in the morning, but for now, I must get my much needed beauty sleep :)

Good night lovelies!