Thursday, January 21, 2010

I've missed you!!

So I am back! Internet decided to turn back on allll by itself last night :) Workout today consisted of running 3 miles and for weights it was a leg day. So since we last spoke I have started my 10K training and it's not too bad. I mean, I used to run 3 miles everyday not too long ago, so right now I've been running about 2.5 miles on average every other day. I feel like I could run more, but I am trusting the schedule I found, so I'm not pushing it. It's fine cause it gives me more time to concentrate on my strength training. Although when I am running those 3 miles, it isn't too bad, but I am most def ready to quit running when that treadmill counter gets to 3 miles- can't imagine how I'm gonna feel when the real deal rolls along and it's like "Oh Karli, your doing great-but guess what friend? You got 3 more!"
Oh and my new workout schedule? It's about as exciting as watching water boil, but it works. Since N started a new schedule working from 6Am-3PM, he wakes up at 4:45, so since we both really wanna be on the same schedule, I'm getting up with N to get to the gym & then coming home and getting ready here. It's actually really nice cause I get about 45 minutes of just chill time to myself & catch up on all your guys' blogs and all my celeb gossip.
So BIG news is happening! Since N and I are getting ready for babies (yes! You read that right- our health insurance kicks in February 1st, and our anniversary is Valentines day, so you do the math, hehe)- so N and I were discussing my "work" possibilities. Cause let's face it- in this economy, it helps to have some extra money coming in. So- we are discussing....OPENING MY OWN CONSULTING FIRM! A-yo! Yours truly will be starting a health and wellness consulting company with a side order of a$$ kicking personal training (for a bigger price tag). I am so excited! This way, I can stay home with our kids, make my own schedule, and still help out financially. N and I were tossing around name idea's the other day and I think we've got one, but I'll fill you all in on that as soon as things look like they are going to be official. I'll throw a classy party including some pretty famous people from a certain Jersey Shore.

Well I better get to sleep lovely people- I got another 3 miler tomorrow AM and I'm beat- BUT it's almost Friday!! I promise to be better with blogs now since my internet is turned back on. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post where I fill you in on how my new job is going :)